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John Maxwell Team
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Rock work

What if the people and teams you manage develop their skills and grow professionally instead of quietly quitting and becoming disengaged at work? Success begins with the leader.


Is that you?


As a professional coach, my goal is to uncover your potential and help you leverage your strengths to build diverse, healthy, and engaged teams. This enables you to attract and retain the industry's best talent. 

Love life

Maximizing success by holistic performance-based engagement and wellbeing strategies leads to organizational success.  


Performance and wellbeing are connected as organizations evolve. Individually and collectively, as work goes - so goes the rest of an employee's life. Positive, neutral, or gloomy: how a company performs for its clients is a leading indicator of how firms attract and retain the best and brightest talent. 

Let's Connect  

Let's connect and explore what it means to rock work and love life through positive strengths-based coaching. Join the Strengths2Lead community and explore how you can bring your best self to work every day on the Essentially You Podcast. Join the S2L community today.