Aligning Actions and Values

B-You and live your values

Shouldn’t there be a fine line between who we are and how the world sees us? I’ve found the people with the most influence in life have no line at all. Somehow, they have figured out how to shine on the scratch-and-dent shelf of life.

Most often, it’s not the most polished or perfect people that lead the way. It’s people just like you and me who understand what they value and live in alignment with those values.

Taking this thought a bit further I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can be a better ambassador of my values. Being an ambassador means that there is no difference in my values and how I’m living my life. That’s a lot harder than it seems.

In the past when I’ve lived outside of my value system - it didn’t go well. I felt like my influence was minimal. I began to suffer from lack of vision for my life and eventually started to feel invisible. It’s hard to live your best life when you feel invisible.

Maybe this is why I often find myself asking some alignment type of questions. Carving out some time to assess how I’m living is important to me. Here are a few of those questions I like to challenge myself with.

  • Do I know what I value and why?

  • Has anything changed and caused me to rethink my values?

  • Am I a good ambassador of my values?

  • Do the others in my life know what I value by my actions alone?

It’s important for me to always be trying to make sure I’m living true to my values. It’s a powerful conversation to have. When it comes to being able to rock your work so that you can love your life never underestimate the personal power of living out your values.

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