Here Comes the General

George Washington Crosses the Delaware

Are you the General of your own life in 2019?  Perhaps not like George Washington but, how we approach the year can determine important outcomes.  Last week, I wrote about not throwing away my shot. No matter how you feel about new year resolutions or even goal setting the Legacy In Action Plan helps you to think through how to live your best life now.

This post is the second part of creating a Legacy In Action Plan (LIA) for 2019. A LIA Plan is a way to co-create a fulfilling life right now and experience more passion, joy, purpose, and hope.  In this post we’ll shift from our natural talents and strengths to our well-being.

Dr. Martin Seligman, who is noted as the father of positive psychology offers us his theory of what aids in a person’s wellbeing. In 2011 he wrote a book called Flourish and it shared his views in how to measure well-being.

The PERMAH mnemonic is a helpful way to aim our strengths in areas of life that science is now showing has great influence regarding  our well-being. In turn, this drives greater levels of happiness and flourishing.

Cool, right?

In our LIA plan we will begin to track our Wellbeing through Positive Outcomes.  I’ve done this by asking key affirmative questions around each element of PERMA and answering them in a way that helps me visualize what is possible.  What is possible is a great question to ask yourself.

Describe your perfect state of being in the following areas...

Positive Emotions: What does life look like emotionally balanced in a state of flow? How can you dial up positivity while dialing down negativity?

Here’s how I answered: About mid-year I was challenged to rise to a new level. It caused me to stress-out.  However, I was able to stop my downward stress spiral and start leading better by leaning into my challenge and assuming more positive intent for those in my life.  For me, the trick is connection and gaining clarity around what is really at stake. For whatever reason I have a leading to look at worst case scenarios. To flourish in life I must guard against thinking about worst case scenarios happening around me.  Learning resiliency (or getting more gritty) has enabled me to strengthen my resolve against fear. I hate fear but, it’s a reality I must always contend with.

Engagement: If you were able to use your strengths everyday what would your life look like?

Here’s how I answered: I’m lucky that I discovered my strengths and use them every day. This was and is a conscience decision to play to my strengths and be the best version of me I can. A servant leader/coach who makes people around him better. I constantly find ways to continue to engage my strengths while helping others do the same.

Relationships: Describe who you value you most in life and what a perfect relational outcome looks like.(be specific as possible)

Examples of Important Relationships in my LIA

  • God/Spiritual         

  • Shanna    

  • Bri, Missa, Eva

  • My Dad        

  • My Colleagues  

  • My close Family and Friends        

Here’s how I answered on category as an example:  (Briley, Marissa and Eva) - My children love God and people - we are a family who is committed to spending eternity together.  My desire is to remain relationally close to each of my children unified in love. That they know unconditional love and share in the work of spreading that love to others.  They each find joy in family and that is shared through trust and respect. They are growing and learning to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. They enjoy my company but do not require it.  There is no doubt that if I die today my children know for certain their dad loves them.