I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot

not throwing away my shot

Artisans and athletes have long inspired me towards reaching big potential in life. It’s a way of life that combines a certain independence, hard work and an unusual sense of focus. It’s easy to witness a skilled artisan's strengths in action.

Have you ever wondered how to craft a more meaningful life? A life that leaves the world around you better than you found it. If so, then creating a Legacy In Action (LIA) plan may help you live a more satisfying life. After all we only have one shot at this life.

Legacy In Action - A Blueprint for Your Life

Over the next several post I will guide you through the process I use to help my clients and myself intentionally craft a life filled with meaning and purpose...

It all starts with focussing on what’s right in you and then forming a plan for your living legacy. A LIA plan connects you to your inner artisan and adds the power of focussed creativity and purpose to your life.

What are your CliftonStrengths Signature Strengths? Identifying those is a must because research shows that when you understand and connect with your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving you are more prone towards reaching big potential in life. I’ve spent seasons of life uninspired and settling for pleasing people. When that happens my life’s highlights are solely the pepperoni pizza from Big Freds Pizza down the road.

Your first step is to Identify Your Signature Themes (Strengths).

Mine happen to be Strategic, Maximizer, Relator, Activator, and Positivity. My favorite is Positivity as I love to encourage high performance in people and teams. It's important that you understand Gallup’s definition of each strength and what parts of each definition you connect most deeply with.

Yes , dear friend, you need to do a little homework.

However, Gallup makes it easy — simply utilize your complementary resources when you log into your CliftonStrengths account.

Second, you’ll need to spend some time and think about what your greatest accomplishment in 2018 (or the previous year) has been?

For example, I had a very intense 2018. For starters it was the hardest year I’ve had with the loss of my mom but, also one of the most successful years I’ve had in business. At work, my team and I were able to attract and retain incredible talent and consolidate our employee experience within the Organizational Development department.

We launched new initiatives that drive active engagement levels and coached hundreds of others in how to put their talents and strengths to work. This led to tremendous impact for our company, and me personally. However, one of the things living through the loss of my mother taught me was how to increase my ability to be resilient and I am strengthening my Grit daily by using my strengths. Mom would be proud as she always focussed on what’s right in me.

Next, spend a few moments examining your highlights from last year by asking yourself how each of your Signature Strengths showed up in your success.

I’ll give you an example of what I wrote in my Legacy In Action Plan...

Strategic – this has helped my team and I stand up and position the Organizational Development at work. It’s now an influential force that drives measurable return on investment. We’ve been able to expand and gain the confidence of the entire company. My strategic strengths help me to think on my feet while forming strong relationships with others.

Maximizer – I’m so lucky I work with amazing people. This year we’ve added exceptional talent to our team. My maximizer strength lets me coach good efforts and help to make them great. There has been many success stories and my maximizer strength is responsible for helping my team and others perform better with more consistency.