Everyone Needs a Coach

Coaching is a dynamic process where each session is customized to your specific needs and objectives. No matter how many times I tell friends that they always ask a lot of questions. Bottom line in a coaching session we talk about you. We explore your career and professional life but leave room to address the most essential issues of the season.

Coaching is not counseling which is good because I’m not a counselor. Counselors look back in order to heal the past. I begin with today and help you to visualize a bright future filled with abundance, success and love.

Let me share a few reasons teams and individuals are turning to executive coaching to enhance performance, find fulfillment, and play bigger in business and life.

Dedicated Focus on You

One of the most impactful benefits of coaching is the sole focus on you and your success. While I do work with groups of leaders within an organization, it’s important that your individual performance and goals are served.

I have found that two people with similar jobs in the same industry may have wildly different sets of issues. I look at my clients as individuals with real desires, real goals, and real problems. Even when two people have the same problem, the journey towards a solution may not lead down the same path.

Why? Because I believe that you already have the right approach and answer within. My sole job is to help you clear cloudy thinking and make clear decisions.

Mind, Body and Soul

Coaching is a practice that focuses on the whole person. My job is not to shape your beliefs. The practice of coaching is designed to offer you clarity in your thinking. I’ll address life as a whole and identify the areas within it where you would like to see and feel improvement. Of course all of this is super-charged by applying a strengths-based approach to life.

Life Experience That Adds Value

Like most coaches I find myself reading a lot, but the majority of the knowledge that I’ll share with you comes from my real world experiences. I have lead organizations that have experienced success and failure. I have been married for 23 years, have 3 kids, and have had a multitude of emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences along the way. Real life experience is imperative for a strong coaching practice.

Dedicated to Your Progress

A crucial part of my coaching process is goal setting. You’ll learn to set big hairy audacious and tangible goals while mapping the best path towards achievement. The truth of the matter is that most of my clients know how to set goals. Typically, there are lots of things you’d like to do, but it isn’t always easy to hold yourself to them. As your coach I’ll be dedicated to your progress and goal achievement. You can count on me to check in and keep you focused on a regular basis.

Organizational Strategy

Coaching is a powerful tool for your organization, as well. Teams who take on an executive coach for their leadership teams will see leaps in the personal growth of their employees - that in turn benefits company culture as a whole. I am a champion of culture and organizational development. I focus on each person’s strengths and illuminate areas of opportunity to harness untapped potential. I accentuate strengths while helping to understand personal patterns of high performance.

If your interested in achieving high-levels of success and abundance then send me a note and let’s get started.