10 Powerful Words to Keep Momentum on Your Side

Setbacks can cause disappointment and momentum loss. As John Maxwell tells us, "momentum can solve about 85% of our problems."

It's why I like to say don't fall in love with outcomes; instead, marry momentum. The right mindset will help you remain determined to succeed.

Whether you're new to your job or working towards a more satisfying life, every day can seem emotionally, financially, or psychologically draining from time to time.

No matter the struggles that life throws at you, here's a list of 10 power words and tips that will keep momentum on your side:

1. Legacy. Whenever you're feeling down, discouraged, or blue, try to remember your purpose. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone? Reminding yourself of the original reason you began moving down your path will help lift your spirits when things go wrong.

2. Planning. Though you may feel as if you've done enough planning towards fulfilling your goals, thinking it repeatedly will help eliminate areas of your plan that are getting in the way of progress: Journal your thoughts, all of them from the tiniest details to the more significant actions.

  • Visualizing the details of your objectives will help you move towards achieving your most important goals.

3. Acceptance. Accepting that you're a person who's bound to have ups and downs is absolutely crucial to your success. We all need to be gentle and kind to ourselves. Without self-acceptance, you'll be unable to think positively, clearly, and creatively.

  • You will better know what will work in the future by accepting what hasn't worked in the past.

4. Reward. When your energy starts to wean, it's crucial to give yourself rewards along the way. It's O.K. to have some fun! Pausing to recognize a small win is a great way to stay engaged on the path towards fulfillment.

  • By giving yourself a small taste of what you're working for – you won't feel like you're working hard for nothing. This refreshes your thinking and helps you engage more impactfully.

5. Health. For the most part, you probably know what this takes: exercise, sleep, healthy and healthy eating. When you're tired or worn-down, it is almost impossible to pursue your vision and achieve goals with the same vigor and focus you had when you just began.

  • Eat, Move, and Sleep while taking care of your basic needs first, then you'll be fit enough to pursue all of your aspirations.

6. Motivation. Research great content like motivational books, coaching, and seminars. Sometimes hearing encouraging messages from a different perspective can significantly boost your energy to achieve.

  • Find a source or two that gets you excited somehow and keep them top of mind. Remember, everyone gets discouraged sometimes in life. It's beneficial to remember when you lack the energy to keep pressing.

7. Refresh. Freshen up your plans with a new approach. It could be many different tactics, like changing your environment, strategy, or even career. The trick here is to break out of the same old pattern you're in and do something different. While new isn't always better, it will refresh your thinking as you explore a different approach.

8. Organize. Getting things in order is a powerful way of achieving your plans. Sometimes it takes a new approach or just some time spent getting the clutter cleaned up. Feeling stuck, re-organize your list.

  • When you organize yourself, you'll enjoy a fresh start and a feeling of clarity. In doing so, you'll be able to more vigorously and effectively attack your short and long-term goals.