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“As someone who has worked with Executive Coaches for well over a decade, Mark Mathia’s ability to ask the right question at the right time is almost unrivaled.  Mark very often disrupts my mindset and provokes me towards appropriate action. Working with Mark for almost a year has produced significant improvements in my personal life, self-leadership, and professional abilities .” – J. Moorhead, Executive Leader



Engagement at work is at an all-time low. The level of disruption at work due to COVID19 impacted how your employees think, feel, and behave on the job. Changes have blasted workforces that now feel isolated. This tension has left many employees feeling like they can no longer find meaning in their work. 


Even more concerning, we know that how companies respond during times of crisis will impact trust levels throughout the firm. As trust in senior leadership diminishes, so does commitment and performance. Lack of meaning leaves companies vulnerable as it gets harder to attract and retain the best talent.  


No need to panic; coaching works for leaders, teams, and organizations helping them clarify their mindsets, motivation, and methods of doing their best work. The right coach will allow the organization to own a people-first and performance always perspective that will bring back momentum to teams even during a pandemic-sized crisis. 


The coaching process offers:

  • A deep understanding of your strengths and how to engage them

  • Identification of blindspots individually and corporately

  • Forming powerful high-trust, high-performing teams

  • Reduce stress while improving your production levels

  • A focus on five key attributes of wellbeing 

  • Employee experience strategies that drive results

  • A positive approach to coaching building grit and resiliency

With many years of executive-level and C-suite leadership experience, I have led others through various seasons successfully. I have found that contentment, joy, and purpose are available in all things through investing in your strengths. Thriving at work allows you the freedom to relax, enjoy, and love your life.



Everything rises and falls on leadership. Professional coaching helps align strategies for executive leaders to become more capable, confident, and credible so that you’l...
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